Fachschaftsinitiative Biologie





NEW since 2018: Several Master programs you can sign in for.
Further information: http://www.master.bio.lmu.de/programs/index.html

 Dear students,

May as you know the study programme “Master Biology” includes a colloquium. During your studies you must attend 20 talks. Your attendance can be confirmed only by signature of the speaker of the talk. To collect the signatures a certain list is placed at the disposal (link below). For the talks, just the ones including scientific contents and certain length are counting. You can attend the talks of the MPI’s, the faculty of Biology, and the faculty of Biomedicine. On posters, the screens in the foyers of the faculty, and also on the following webpage you can find announcements for talks you can attend. We are not able to guarantee that every talk with scientific contend on our list can be used for your colloquium but it can turn out as a valuable overview of current and very interesting talks to attend.


You can find the colloqiums list for all the  under the following links: